Sunday, September 27, 2015

Twitter Analysis


To summarize from what I gather despite the distance this paticualr chat #edtechchat! was an open disscusion board with the sole purpose of brainstorming ideas for teachers and future educators. It's full of of diverse background in the field of education so it was very valuable to learn from diffrent points of views
to all of the contributers to the chat I say bravo for the information
Good luck and Good Day

A Whole site for Undiscovered Artist

Hey so if anywayis intrested in music and looking for something fresh and new to add to their lives check out the site Back2pluto its chalk full of aspiring artist who love makeing sweet jams for all to enjoy the gener is mostly rap/hip hop and some are a bit more unique and diffrent but yall should give it try.

Feel free to recomend any music you like OK then OK

Good Luck and Good Day

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Big Thinkers-Sasha Barab: My Response

My first response to this was and educated form of role play, that learning should be like a game one with an objection's, obstacles and a goal. Applying the things that a student learns in a classroom then allow the student to use that in a game to progress further into the game. Another great feature in this education game is adding real world obstacles. Having critical choices effect the game play is good way to have the students rely on their knowledge to solve critical problems. As teachers we should do more then just simple teach a student with out any indication that they are understanding the material. We have responsibility as educators to think outside the box to teach are students in a more unique alternative way. This game the Sasha Barab shows that it gives the chance for kids to live out that tole of scientist or a hero and play that role the way the student feels like it should play, lets the student know that they are in a way in control of their learning path.

How New Digital Media and the Internet are Fueling an Innovative Surge in Communication, Creativity and Collaboration: My Response

In this new age of technology we are given the tools to share what we know to, what we have to offer, not just as people but as continent creators. Simply using the Internets basic function anyone can publish a fresh idea or story for the whole world to discover. In a classroom environment I like to think that the using the Internet to have people critique a students work and using that feedback to become a better writer, artist or etc. With this students can discover new ways to write, establish their own style of art, and to learn what exactly do they want their style to say when other witness it for them selves. Students will be more attentive when it comes to how they want to present themselves, the content will be a reflection of them as the publishers and as craftsmen. With all these changes one might be concerned that the students of the future generation will never understand the value of the old ways, to that I say that is not an issue they may have the fancy new tools for content but no matter how talented someone maybe, that person had to have start with the simple basics. The idea of multiple people coming together and creating a single form of continent is amazing which is one of the main ways the Internet can be used and to further unite those with similar taste and aspirations regardless of age or skill its a way for creators to come togther and create something that is new and unique. But a tool is just a tool it all depends on the person behind that tool and what he/she wants to make and the process they will go through to make the idea a reailty, and thats what we teachers are their for to help guide the student as they use their new found tech to mold and craft their ideas into shape.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Late Intoduction (better late then never)

My name is Cesar Escudero, Im a simple guy trying to make it out of college and live my life, I was orginally a studio/art major who wanted to be an artis, but later on changed to art/education for the simple reason, that I enjoy helping people. I still have plans on becoming an artist I just need more training in the arts. As for other like I enjoy most music but I my favorite type is beat music or bump music (still unclear on the real name of the genre) other then some other common likes movies, games, books(disclamer just recently became a reader), etc Im just the kind of person who gets along with people at all it takes is one conversation. When's it comes to blog I understand its all about continent so I'll just have to provide content for all to enjoy. Well thats all I have to say for now until the next time

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Sound for the Blog

So I thought that this blog need some music to keep it fresh ya know, anyway heres an artist who I've listen to for some time now heres the Beat maker Abnormal with RNDM JNTS Vol.1

P.s if you like style of the sound show some support and maybe download some of the other albums his got and if anyone got some music they like to show of feel free and once again

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Welcome Peepz

This blog is dedicated to all generes of intrests wanna talk about music, literture, arts, or even pop culture this is place where all can share there like and expose many others to new and alternative things. This is also a place to talk and rant about things that either you find intresting or things that you feel like is ignored there is no limit or restriction of what you can say here so for everyone reading I say...

Good Luck and Good Day